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2nd Annual Battle of the Bands
Help give a voice to abused and neglected children – support our 2nd Annual Battle of the Bands.

In our society the basic needs and rights of children are entrusted to their families, but when the family—for whatever reason—is unable to meet those obligations, our most vulnerable children are placed in the foster care and child welfare system.

This holiday gala is committed to making sure that every child in need has access to a fiscal resources to assist with the training and management of additional volunteers to serve as a consistent adult figure and voice for vulnerable children in our foster care system. Our annual event offers community members an opportunity to help in the fight against child abuse. Donors have the security of knowing that when you make donation to this event you are changing the lives of the children in our community.

Sponsorship Levels
$15,000 (Concert Sponsor)
$10,000 (Jazz Sponsor)
$5,000 (Rhythm Sponsor)


raised of $100,000 goal



Location / Venue

Concert Sponsor

  • Adidas

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Giveffect Demo
In Support of Giveffect Demo
YOUR LOGO is a grant-giving philanthropic organization that connects underserved communities with mental health resources. Most mental health challenges are treatable if not curable when given access to proper care. Although the first step to recovery is often the hardest, the YOUR LOGO Foundation hopes to make moving forward feel easier. With your support, we can improve the stigma surrounding mental health in our society and change a few lives for the better.