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Women Build 2020 - Build days on our 16th house!
Both fundraising and volunteering are now open on the 16th Women Build house! (Additional days opening on a rolling basis.)

• All volunteers, please review Flower City Habitat COVID Safety Guidelines here [updated July 2]
• Wondering what tasks are coming up? Here's our current *expected* schedule [updated Aug 20]:
• July 15-18: Foundation work
• July 22-25: First story subflooring
• July 31 - Aug 8: First story wall framing
• Aug 13-14: Second story subflooring
• Aug 20-21: Second story wall framing
• Aug 26-28: Roofing
• Sept 2-3: Framing
• Sept 11-19: Siding
• Sept 23: Driveway
• Sept 25-26: Exterior Work
• Oct 2-3: Insulation
• Oct 7-10: Drywall
• Oct 16-17: Exterior Work
• Oct 22-24: Painting
• Oct 29: Flooring
• Oct 30-31: Trim
• Nov 5-14: Finishing Work

• Team Leaders: To reserve a team day, email kbraley@rochesterhabitat.org for a list of available dates
• Team Members & Individuals: Click volunteer to find your team's build day, or "all women welcome" days that any Women Build member can sign up for. You will use the same login as your fundraising page, but will have to give additional information to volunteer. (If you already have an account, be sure you are signed-in first.)
• If you don't see your team's build day, have your team leader email kbraley@rochesterhabitat.org.

TO HELP FUNDRAISE: Start your own team or join a public team today! We raise most of the money online, but we'll also invite you to our Women Build events. Visit the Women Build 2020 - Fundraising page to help us fund this house!

Construction Volunteering FAQs:
• Please review Flower City Habitat COVID Safety Guidelines here
• You will need to fill out a health questionnaire the morning of your volunteer day - BEFORE you arrive at the construction site (a link will be emailed when you register)
• We work year-round as long as conditions are safe. For issues of inclement weather, our construction sites will close when the Rochester City School District has also closed.
• Upon arriving, please sign-in! Signing in is necessary to be covered by our secondary insurance, to confirm volunteer hours, and for us to send you a thank you!
• No skills needed, our construction team are trained professionals who will walk you through your assigned tasks while volunteering.

• COVID CHANGE: We are requesting all volunteers bring your own gloves, as well as your own lunch and water
• Dress for the weather, plan to work outside, and expect to get dirty!
• We recommend hard-soled work shoes or hiking boots, old work clothes, work gloves, and dressing in layers.
• Also recommended: hat or sunscreen for hot weather, hand sanitizer or baby wipes for lunch.
• No halters tops. No sandals or flip flops.
• Avoid wearing jewelry.
• Place valuables in a locked trunk/out of sight, or carried in a waist pouch.

Amenities on Site:
• COVID CHANGE: We are requesting all volunteers bring your own gloves, as well as your own lunch and water
• We provide all tools and safety equipment; but if you have your favorites, you can bring them.
• Portable toilet
• Parking: on street parking is available on surrounding neighborhood streets.

Additional Information:
• Construction volunteers must be at least 16 years old. 16 and 17 year old volunteers must have a parent or guardian's consent: Youth Permission Form is here.
• Youth Permission form can be filled out and brought out on the build day, or sent to our office before the build day (contact info below).
• By volunteering with us, you acknowledge that we carry secondary insurance. This means that in the case of an accident or injury, your insurance is primary, and our insurance will generally cover any additional costs.
• By volunteering with us, you consent to the use of any photos or video taken during your volunteering for public promotion of Flower City Habitat for Humanity and our mission.

Questions? Contact our AmeriCorps Volunteer Coordinator:

Greg Shriver
Office: 585-546-1470 ext. 315
Email: gshriver@rochesterhabitat.org

Location / Venue

  • Address:
  • 2723 North Bogan Road Northeast
  • Buford, GA 30519
  • USA
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