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    1. Room Requests are submitted by families and will be reviewed  by the staff at the House. If the staff determines  that  you/your family is eligible to stay at the House,  you will be placed on our wait-list. Generally speaking, the wait-list is triaged by how critical the child's illness is and how far the family lives from the treatment hospital.
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      2. Patient Date of Birth
      3. Unit of Hospital
      4. Parent/Guardian Full Name (#1)
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      6. Home Address (Street)
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      8. Home Address (City, State and Zip Code)
      9. Contact Phone No.
      10. Contact E-mail
      11. Relationship to the Patient
      12. Do you rely on public transportation?
      13. Will you have other children staying with you?
      14. In what region do you live?
      15. Would you like to use the House for the day or stay in a room overnight?
      16. If you wish to stay overnight, provide a requested start date
      17. Estimated Departure date.
      18. Who referred you to our House?
      19. If referred by a hospital, provide the name and phone number of social worker/hospital employee who referred you.
      20. Have you or anyone asking to stay with us stayed at a Ronald McDonald House before?
      21. If anyone asking to stay has stayed at a House before, provide the name of the House and dates of the stay.

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